Brandon Neal

The Shadow Company

A detective vows to take down a government weapons contractor in order to avenge his brother.
Key Plot Points
  • A detective's brother is murdered
  • Detective decides to find out who killed his brother and goes looking for information
  • Detective follows red herring that leads him to a crime syndicate
  • Detective gets information from syndicate leader that reveals his brother was murdered by a government weapons distributor.
  • Detective receives a mysterious letter from a person willing to give information about the weapons manufacturer
  • Detective Meets with source and finds out that it's his brother's lab partner. Lab partner tells him the situation with the company.
  • The Detective and the lab partner infiltrate the weapons facility and find a hidden underground facility
  • The pair are discovered by the CEO and have to fight their way out of the facility
Marc: Marc is a private investigator that works in the city of Harrisburg. He investigates for clients whose needs range from a simple case of infidelity to suspicion of homicide. Marc is a very quiet guy that often reflects upon his actions and how they will affect others. He cares for the people he knows deeply but doesn’t show it on the surface. When he finds out that his brother was killed for the first time in a while he showed emotion . Most people who don’t know him think he is cold and aloof. He doesn’t mind that people think this because it helps him keep do-whatever-it-takes persona that can scare information out of people.  Joshua wears thirties style dective clothes that includes a fedora, a black suit and a trench co. at
Anjali: Anjali is a lab assistant at Global Perspective. Her job is to assist any lab scientist that works on strength enhancing formulas. She worked with Marc’s brother before he was killed on their latest product the S-enhancement formula. Anjali is a stern no nonsense type of girl, she likes to know what is going on here and now. She is meticulous with detail and very smart. She resents the men she works with not because they are men but how they treat her. Anjali’s brother was the only person that treated her like an equal rather than singling her out as a woman. Anjali may seem like a bitch sometimes but that’s only a phased she puts on to be a role model for her niece whom she takes care of after her sister passed away. Anjali is Indian with onyx hair and amber eyes.  She wears a white lab coat a red collar shirt, circular glasses.
Jerrod: Jerrod is Marc’s brother. He is very well kempt man that is smart and has strong moral values. He is the opposite emotionally then Marc, he ware his emotions on the outside and comes off as a warm and loving man. He often argues with Marc over his career choice and wants him to choose a different line of work because he knows that Joshua is smart. At Global Perspective Jerrod works as a lead scientist on the S-enhancement formula. He oversees the work that other scientist do and corrects their work or suggests safer methods for project testing. When Jerrod gets wind that the company is selling the S-enhancement formula to terrorist and foreign enemies, he starts to collect data to show to the police. During one of his evidence searches he is caught by one of the project directors who immediately has him captured and killed. But before that event took place Jerrod talked to Anjali about what the company was doing and left her a copy of the little evidence he had. Jerrod wears a lab coat, polka dot bow tie, beige pants, and a burgundy collar shirt.
James Bond Films
Noir art
Dark City
  • Have accets in game engine
  • Simple animations to walk around game world
  • A cast of characters and environments that are game engine ready